Spinefarm Records UK


IT'S LONG been a matter of public record that All Finns Play On 10, and this Spinefarm Records UK site has been set up to both honour & celebrate this heart-warmin', faith-restorin' fact.

In the heady world of Spinefarm, there is no place for those faint of heart or small of vision; from the broad emotional sweep of Tarja Turunen’s ‘My Winter Storm’ album, through to the unrestrained energy of Children Of Bodom, the rousing call-to-arms of Finntroll, the swords-to-the-sky sonics of Kiuas, the advanced doom tactics of the Reverend Bizarre & the other-wordly antics of early Nightwish, this is music designed to fire the blood and stir the senses… all of them.

Since starting up in Helsinki, back in 1990, Spinefarm Records - b-b-bad to the bone and proud of it - has determinedly ignored the fickle demands of trend & fashion and concentrated instead on developing the darker, more dramatic side of Finnish music; and now, with rock & metal enjoying yet another Golden Age, it's time for the label to establish itself in the UK…

Feel The North. Smell The Power. Saddle The Steed Of Doom.