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IF YOU carry around a deep & adibing interest in vintage Ozzy-era Sabbath, Oliver Cromwell, Matthew Hopkins or just graveyards in general (or preferably all four), then the Reverend Bizarre is a group you'll want to be familiar with. Or indeed may already be familiar with. And if not, why not?!

This, after all, is no normal act. Far from it. To say that RB mainman Albert Witchfinder has his own view of the world and his own way of doing things is certainly true, but in no way prepares the listener for the black pit of pure doom that awaits him or her on every one of the band's four releases to date. These are not records built on lightwieght riffs - riffs that chop & change with the haircut or the fashion of the day. Oh, no. In the world of the Reverend Bizarre, and I think it's fair to say that it's a suitably troubled one, riffs are clad in cast iron and equipped with mighty tank tracks before being allowed to rumble through the mud, keeping an even pace and never knowing exactly when to stop. Indeed, were it not for the fact that a CD can only safely handle about 75 minutes of music, they probably wouldn't stop at all. Ever.

Having already been rave reviewed in the specialist press, 2007 will see the re-issue of the complete RB catalogue in all of its gory glory, with special attention given to 2005's 'Crush The Insects' - perhaps the sharpest thorn in the Witchfinder crown.

Time to feel the mighty Hand Of Doom.

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